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ENEX Food Podium


ENEX is a considered retail environment, having a defined plan and spatial arrangement. The interior upgrade to the food podium has been designed in response to the inherent characteristics of the space whilst elevating its primary function as a mass-dining hall. The layout will also provide greater seating opportunities taking the existing capacity from 564 to 805, making it a desirable and accessible option when out in the CBD.


The new design features a variety of interior experiences from temporary ‘grab and go’ stations through to intimate formal dining. This is in response to the diverse clientele who visit the podium, each for a different purpose and for varying durations over the course of the day. The element of choice inherent within the podium will allow its occupants to comfortably engage in work-based-tasks or even informal business meetings whilst dwelling in the space. A unique lounge area provides the opportunity for tenants to meet and collaborate in addition to hosting private workshops and presentations.


Fabrics have been chosen from a palette of local designers including Florence Broadhurst and Dinosaur Designs, echoing the rich tapestry of colour seen throughout our vast Australian landscape. These fabrics are accompanied by layers of greenery, artwork and soft overhead lighting, allowing the space to transition seamlessly through from day to night, presenting itself as an elegant venue for the center’s many special events.


The food podium upgrade will develop the social identity and future growth of ENEX by increasing its prevalence as an engaging interior gathering point for visitors and workers within the city. The creative, stimulating and adaptive response to the re-design of this diverse space will follow through to its occupation as a sophisticated and inspiring destination within the landscape of Perth City.


Perth CBD, WA




Interior Design

Time Frame

3 month construction

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September 28, 2016